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Home Modifications for Aging-In-Place

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

According to the Government of Canada website, in 2014, over 6 million Canadians were aged 65 or older, representing 15.6 percent of Canada's population. By 2030—in less than two decades—seniors will number over 9.5 million and make up 23 percent of Canadians.

What exactly is Aging-In-Place?

Aging in place means having access to services and the health and social supports you need to live safely and independently in your home or your community for as long as you wish or are able. More than 80% of the senior community would love to stay in their homes for as long as they could. How do we make this happen?

In partnership with Empowered Home Care Services, we have come up with a list of must-dos and or must-have’s for our senior community. (Please note that this list is not an all-inclusive list and a consultation with an Occupational therapist would be necessary).

1. Ramps NOT Stairs.

Consider a wider ramp in anticipation of needing to use an assistive walking device, such as a wheelchair or a walker.

2. Railings and grab bars.

One of the ways you can make things safer for yourself as you age in place is to put grab bars in the areas where you most spend getting up, take or example, the living room, bedroom and washroom.

3. Non-slip flooring

Good flooring makes it easy to maneuver a wheelchair or motorized scooter or for a human to make their way with a walker or a cane.

4. Lighting

The right lighting in your home help prevent accidents. Make sure that the common areas that are used most have adequate lighting with the switches accessible and easy to use. Smart home technology using voice activated commands or touch phone can also be used.

5. Clutter-free home layout

Keep only the furniture that you need which are functional and efficient.

6. Door handles

Traditional handles are usually not very convenient for aging homeowners. A D-shaped handle, known as a D handle or a loop handle, gives a better grip and should be used on all doors in the kitchen, including cabinet doors, appliance doors and doors leading into the room itself.

7. No curbs

Ideally, the flooring should be a flat surface with no curbs all throughout the house, most especially in the kitchen and the washroom.

Home modifications’ for aging-in-place number one goal is SAFETY and convenience for the retiring homeowners.

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